Yellow Bedding
22nd Oct

Yellow Bedding and Other Bedding Styles

Yellow Bedding

Yellow bedding does not mean that this article is only about the yellow setting of your bedroom. We can say that Yellow is such a warm colour. Nobody would like to spill over their room in such a way that it becomes an egg yolk. So relax, here it is justified;

Shifting your house when you are a pink girl difficult thing ever. And so is setting a girly bedroom for yourself when you have done a lot of hard work on your previous bedroom. From bedding to setting, from selecting your pillow cover to what colour you want your room to be painted.

Whether it should be a combination of blue and yellow, yellow and grey or something like pink blue. Deciding something in competition with yellow bedding.
This article might help you in making the work easier for a girl bedroom. Below are different points given which you will need to follow.

Yellow Bedding

  • Wall Colour

Starting from the wall colour. Every colour has a different effect on our mood. This is the thing you need to keep in mind while selecting the colour. You can’t go for all yellow bedding involving yellow paint. Because even thinking about it feels uncomfortable. Here is an article which will let you know about the colours and it is a relationship with our mood.
As it is said to be:

“One can speak poetry just by arranging colours well”
-Vincent Van Gogh

So, first of all, you need to decide that if you want a dark or a light shade in your bedroom. Make sure that the paint is of good quality and has manufacturer warranty. Now it is up to you that if you go for the colour, suppose;

  • Blue and Yellow

You can get a wallpaper of the combination matching with your other walls. Keep the other walls smooth and of light shade.

Yellow Bedding

  • Pink and Blue 

If you go for this combination you can have all of your walls painted in the pink blue. One can a se light shade with designs on them.
so you get a matching crib bedding set or decorative pillows with them.

Always sample paint colours. Paint a sample board so you can move it around a room.

Next comes setting of the bedroom which comprises of;

Yellow bedding

  • Bedding Collection

Even if you want to go for yellow bedding keep it contrasted. Keep in your mind when it comes to bedding set, comforter set, flat sheets, bed sheets etc. keep it simple but classy. Not so bright but also not so dull. Something that makes you feel fresh and soothing to your eyes when you get in there after a long tiring day or on weekends.

“ A girl and her bed on Sundays are an endless love affair”

And most important of all that the things like sheet set and pillowcases are comfortable enough to relax you.

Yellow Bedding

  • Comforter Set

So starting from the comforter set for your bed, first of all, make sure that the set is comfortable. While deciding the colour keep in mind that you go for darker shades like suppose for navy blue. Just because such colours do not get dirty in a short time period. In case you do not have enough time daily to change the sheets of your bedroom.

Yellow Bedding

  • Decorative pillows

Get yourself a set of pillow covers which are decorative enough to not disturb while you get your sleep. Also, keep in mind that the pillows are made of polyester which is soft. It also matters for the pillowcase. Try to buy more than two pillows on the bed so your night sleep feels more like heaven.

  • Bed Linen

Bed linen is also an important part of your bed It also depends on the season that what stuff you get for your bed. Keep the colours natural like yellow and grey.

Yellow Bedding

  • Quilt Covers and Duvet covers

If you seriously want to go for yellow bedding you can get the yellow quilt and duvet covers. Quilt and duvet covers are almost the same things. You can get readymade covers or you can also get them stitch by yourself of sheets. If you don’t get the matching colours same as your bed sheet. Get a twin XLsize of the quilt which is comfy enough for you and looks good in the bedroom.

  • Pillow Covers

Go for the standard pillowcase which matches with your bed sheets and comforter. So it makes a complete set. Suppose, you have navy blue bed linen you can go for the same colour of pillowcases but a lighter shade.

  • Selecting Curtains

So curtains are the window covers adding beauty and an aesthetic view of your bedroom. While selecting curtains for your room keep in mind that you select the opposite shade of the wall colours. Select a light shade in curtains if you dark walls. In case, if you have light walls go for a dark shade of curtains.

Secondly, if you have wallpaper then go for a simple plain design on your curtains. Or if you have kept your walls empty than get the curtains which have design or patterns on them.
Keeping yellow bedding theme in your mind you shouldn’t go for yellow curtains at least. They won’t look good.
The stuff of the curtains should be strong and thick enough. So, when you cover your windows it gets all dark in the room and when you get them aside it makes the room all bright out of sunlight.

The last thing, coming at the measurements of the curtains. If you small windows you can put a single curtain on them or slides which are a little longer than the measurement of the window. But if you have huge windows in your room, get two curtains which are the same size. Long enough to touch the floor because it will make your wall look bigger and room wider.

Yellow Bedding

  • Study Table

You need a table and a chair for studying in your room because a bed in the bedroom all alone looks awkward. So adding a bit more things to your room will make it look better. These are the things you will need.
Taking along the theme of yellow bedding you can get a table chair of yellow colour if you want.

So, deciding to buy a table and chair for your room depends on the size of your room to keep the size in your mind while getting the study table. Decorate it with your stuff kept properly. Books stationary, a lamp kept creatively will make it attractive enough to grab the attention. You can also keep scented candle jars on the table and decorate the wall with some motivating quotes written on them.

Yellow Bedding

  • Others

Adding more beauty to your room you need to decorate it which depends on your budget. If you have a big budget then you have a number of options you can get in the market for the decoration of your bedroom. Get some frames or paintings as your wall hangings or a dry flower arrangement which is available in different shapes and sizes in the market. You can either hang it on your entrance or keep it in a corner. Get a pair of the couch to keep it in your room in a contrast colour with your curtains.

If you are going for the yellow bedding theme keep in mind that you don’t use too much yellow in the room. Or else you will want to get rid of it in a couple of months. Also telling, if you a have a low budget to decorate your room you can make things yourself out of creativity. Make some butterflies out of cardboard and paste them on the wall with your bed.

You can paint a wall yourself for e.g, painting a giant tree on the wall and pasting your pictures on its branches and can also stick fairy lights onto it so when it glows in the dark the pictures glow. Moreover, you can keep cushions in your room with the colour contrast with your curtains and a vase with fresh flowers or candle stands or the sides of the bed.

Hope this article will help you a lot when setting a room. For more related articles, please visit Bed Spread Comforters.

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