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19th Jan

Your Top 10 Bedding Questions Answered

Have you ever moved on Pinterest and sighed with envy in perfectly cozy bedding rooms? Those soft, beautiful beds seem to encourage him to sleep on Sunday, but they also suggest that, with the right combination of fresh sheets and a cuddly comforter, a bed like that could somehow be the answer to all the problems of life. We went to the Homepolish designer, Dannielle Corpora, and the creator of, Dan Schecter, with our main questions about the bed. As a result, the bed of your dreams is only a few smart purchases.

What kind of sheets is the best for me?

Everything depends on the taste of each one. Those who can only sleep with an oversize T-shirt decades ago will like the feel of jersey sheets against their skin, while sleepers often prefer a crisp calico. Those who discover that they are always pulling the sheets at 3 a.m. They gravitate towards the silky satin. On the fence? Nothing exceeds 100 percent of cotton, says Corpora. Look for pure cotton sheets, instead of cotton and polyester blends, which are not as breathable and stain more easily.

What is the problem with the thread count?

The number of threads, at its base, is the number of vertical and horizontal threads per square inch of material. Therefore, a sheet that has a count of 300 threads has impressive 300 threads per square inch. In the old days, the greater the number, the greater the quality. Unfortunately, many manufacturers have found ways to play with the system, resulting in sets of planes claiming yarn counts north of 1,000. (They do this by winding two strands together, for example, and multiplying the figure by two, but that trick does not lead to softer sheets). “It is not necessary to buy sheets with a thread count greater than 300,” says Schecter. , which has from 250 to 300 as the ideal point.

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Do I really need a flat sheet under my comforter?

If you have ever traveled in Europe, where the standard bedding includes an adjustable sheet and a luxurious duvet, you have probably questioned whether a flat sheet is really necessary. On the one hand, eliminating that layer completely is one less element to buy and wash. Also, make the bed be reduced to a quick movement of the quilt. On the other hand? Sweat and oil “The quilt is something you want to last, and any type of barrier between your body and that duvet cover helps prolong your life,” says Corpora.

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What pillow should I buy?

This, perhaps, is the most important question when it comes to guaranteeing a great night’s sleep. “You can buy a $ 4,000 mattress, but when you put a $ 4 pillow on top, you actually have a $ 4 mattress,” says Schecter. If you sleep on your side, a thicker pillow may be in order, while those that sleep on your back are usually a little thinner. But beyond that, options abound: luxury pillows tend to cost a bit more, but last longer. The alternatives to the downside, or the pillows stuffed synthetically, are hypoallergenic: a great option for allergic people, and are machine washable. Visco-elastic foam is another popular choice for those who sleep and want a firmer support.

Schecter has three practical recommendations for buying pillows:

First of all, check the return policy before buying, and if you try a new pillow on your bed at home and it is not perfect, take it back.

The same thing happens if the new pillow fails in either of these two tests: when you get a new pillow (one that is not foam), place your fingers in a corner and rub them. The filling should feel floating, and should move easily against the other fibers.

If you bought a natural filler pillow, make sure you give it a good handshake: “This may seem a bit strange, but you should make sure you start with a clean pillow,” he says. “Take the pillow from the bag, hold it in your hand and hit it.” If you see a lot of dust in the air, give it back. ”

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How many pillows do I need, anyway?

For a design formula that will not take 10 minutes to deconstruct each night, keep it simple, but mostly symmetric. Corpora opts for two covers that combine with the duvet cover, along with two decorative pillows. (Along with the pillows on which he really sleeps, he’s seeing five or six in all). The great advantage of this configuration? Flexibility. “In general, I like to keep the bedding fairly neutral, but you can change those decorative pillows to enrich things with a pattern or color from time to time.

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Beyond decorative pillows, what are the simplest ways to style a bed?

This designer trick will transform your bed from the basics to the worthy of Pinterest and will help carry it out every season: layers. A cozy quilt, folded over the foot of the bed, adds some added texture and warmth in the fall, while a fur throw takes that idea beyond winter. Imagine your quilt, even if it has some pattern of light or texture, like a blank slate for layers on other materials. And tie everything together by hitting those accent colors, either from cushions or blankets, anywhere else in the room with small items such as a frame, flowerpot, jewelry tray or alarm clock.

Why are hotel beds so incredibly comfortable?

“On the one hand, mattresses in hotels are changed more often than mattresses we have in our homes, so they offer better support,” says Schecter, who recommends replacing his primary mattress every seven to 10 years. (Guest beds, of course, have a longer lifespan.) Another important factor? Size. “We match hotel beds with the ability to really extend and rest,” says Corpora. When it’s time to buy a new mattress, opt for the largest size that is practical in your space. “I used to say that hotel beds were much more comfortable until I got a foam mattress with extra large memory,” he admits. “But apart from the quality and size, in a hotel, all the bedding is always crisp, ironing your pillowcases, sheets and comforters will make a noticeable difference, but who has time for that

Top 10 Bedding

Should I have separate bedding for summer and winter?

We have separate cabinets for each season, so on the surface, it makes sense that the sheets follow suit. “But the ambient temperature is mostly constant all year round,” says Schecter. “Maybe you increase the heat a bit during the winter, but that really has no effect on your bedding.”

How can I make my bed linens last longer?

Unfortunately, apart from regular care and maintenance, there is no magic solution. Bed sheets and pillowcases should be washed with warm and dry duvet covers and comforters several times during the year; Have your quilt dry once or twice a year. If the weekly wash seems excessive, consider this: “A pint of our moisture goes through our sheets on our mattress every month,” says Schecter. The usual signs of wear, tearing, scratching, scratching, will indicate when it is time to replace their leaves, but as a general rule, Schecter says that high-quality sheets properly maintained should last between five and 10 years.

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Any trend in the leaves that we should know?

“Whatever you see is a trend in fashion,” says Corpora, “you’ll see that that translates into home decorating soon enough.” But the looks attentively to the track do not evoke exactly a relaxing room. A recent winner? “Mixing subtle patterns have been increasingly popular,” he adds. Choose two sets of sheets that you love with patterns of coordination. You can go bold or dramatic if you like that; or, if you still want a serene environment, pale patterns are often read as neutral. Mix the patterns using a fitted sheet with the other flat sheet, and when making the bed, fold the comforter and flat sheet a bit to achieve a peek-a-boo effect. “Once again, he wants to make sure that those colors appear in another part of the room for a sense of cohesion,” advises Corpora.

Top 10 Bedding

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