Tarot Spreads: Know All About Your Future!

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Tarot Spreads

Tarot spread is a way by which a tarot card reader place cards on the table. A tarot card reader then looks at the tarot spreads laid on the table and reads out the message in them. There is a variety of card decks and spreads.

Tarot Spread for love:

tarot spreads

The most famous spread of all time is the tarot spread for love. The curiosity, people have about their love lives keeps on increasing. Everyone wants to know that how their love lives will turn out to be. This love tarot spread is very important if you want to know about physical, mental or spiritual connection with your partner. Basically this spread consist of 6 cards:

  • First card is the opinion you have about your love. Your approach towards it and what are your demands regarding it.
  • Second card will represent your partner, their thought process will be in light
  • Third card is the common characteristics both of you possess.
  • Fourth card will reveal your strengths
  • Fifth card will talk about your weaknesses
  • Sixth card will let you know about the final judgment.

tarot spreads

Top 5 sites which reads out tarot spreads for free:

There are many sites (online) which reads out tarot spreads for free. I am mentioning top 5 under below and I will also give a quick note with each site of the focuses they are concerning.

  1. KEEN:

Keen is the most famous and visited site in the tarot spreads industry. They are not just personal advisor but they are also dealing with everyday problems.

  1. FAÇADE:

Façade being on the second number of tarot spreads will let you have answer of all the questions you have related to mysticism.


It deals with anybody who is dealing with psychic abilities. The procedure to join kasamba is to go through a short interview.

  1. ORANUM:

Oranum also deals with free tarot card readings. It has a “lets Chat” option as other sites have. You can communicate with the tarot card reader as well as normal people who visit the site.


Lotus tarots are a very user friendly site which most people wants to visit. The theme of the site itself is calming and soothing. It has a basic 6 card spread, you can choose from them and get to know what’s beneath them.


Relationship tarot spread:

Relationship spread puts a close look on your current relationship. The card reader enlightens you about 5 to 6 points which can be called as relationship advice as well. This spread has few points it focuses on. Let’s have an overview:




Four swords tarot spreads There is a saying that you will get what you give to others. Karma is the answer to all the relationship complications. Wait for the right time.


The sun tarot spreads Future will depend on your commitments. The will and depths you want to go for your current relationship.
PAST The empress

tarot spreads

Past shall remain as a history and should not play a part in your current or future relationship. Because what’s gone should be gone.
PARTNERS FEELINGS Page of pentacles

tarot spreads

This card usually has a young child on it. It is a sign of you might get positive aspects from your partner or you have to look for other options.

tarot spreads

Every other aspect depends only on your feelings. Things will move if you will want them to happen. This card shows what is actually on your mind.

Tarot spread meaning:

There is variety of spreads which are probably used in reading tarot cards. These spreads or layouts can be easiest or they can be complex.

  • Three card spread:

    tarot spreads

Three card spread is the easiest layout to read tarot cards. It deals with little issues. It tells about basic friends and family related questions. Usually these three card spread is used when you are in hurry.






  • Seven card horseshoe spread:

    tarot spreads

It is the most famous spread right now. Seven cards spread deals with different issues and each card is placed in a manner in which it is linked to the other. These cards tell about past, present, influences and attitude.






  • The pentagram spread:

    tarot spreads

There are different meanings to this 5 cards spread. They represent elements like earth, water, fire and fire. Most of the questions related spiritual affects are also answered via this pentagram spread.





  • Romany Spread:

    tarot spreads

This spread is very simple but it has surprising elements in it. it gives an overview of situations you are going through. Romany spread also deals with other queries of yours. With the help of this spread you can always interpret.

  • ROW A: it deal with basic present past and future
  • About ROW B: deals with present situations you are facing
  • And ROW C: is dealing with, what likely will happen in the near future?


But contrary to the rows, you can always go much deeper into your queries and have a clear view about the facts of your life.

Celtic cross tarot spread:

Celtic cross spread is going on since ages. It is a very complex spread or layout, but it has its own charming affects. This spread is very informative, it contains vast amount of information which can be very helpful. The target of this spread is to help clients who have made their own problems in their minds.

  • It targets your current situation
  • These cards will tell you what is helpful for you or what is not helping you in anyway
  • It controls your subconscious mind. This will make you think about what your mind actually wants and you are unaware of.
  • Celtic cross spread also has your past card. It will clear your mind that what part of the part is not letting you move ahead. What facts have made you so rigid? Past which has not gone according to what we desire captures our mind for a really long time. This card will make you talk about those things.
  • Another card from the spread will deal with your aim and objectives. What you actually want and steps to take for reaching that point. Goals you always desire to conquer. The positive energy you have in you for achieving that desired point in your life and that energy can be very positive for your life.
  • This spread also talks about the path you have selected to walk on. Or what path you want to take in your life. How to stay away from the negative energy around you.
  • Your attitude, opinions and the way you live your life with is also targeted.
  • There is an energy card which signifies that what kind of energy you perceive from people around you.
  • Revelation card ask you to be aware of some facts or some kind of people.
  • Final card reveals the final outcome of a situation you are in. tarot spread

Tetraktys Spread:

This spread is based on Platonist thoughts and Pythagorean mathematics. Tetraktys spread is basically a study from physical aspects to spiritual ones. The below card sheet represents: tarot spread

  1. Fire (ambition and creative aspects in you)
  2. Air (current mindset and ambition)
  3. Water (adventurous traits)
  4. Earth (will to go on)
  5. Creator (explorer)
  6. Sustainer (balance in healthy life)
  7. Destroyer (move forward)
  8. Dark
  9. Premise (foundation of the spread)


Tarot spread for beginners (few tips):

  • Keep it simple
  • Build a connection with cards
  • Swap few cards
  • Read the picture in the card carefully
  • Believe on what you perceive
  • Before reading tarot for others, read a tarot for yourself
  • Do not focus on the rules
  • Learn the basic gist of tarot spreads
  • Use your mind the most while reading tarot cards

Types of tarot card spreads:

1.Cross and triangle spread:

It is basically a query spread, which deals with questions. The questions are mostly related with your life. The numbers of the spread reveals below mentioned things:

tarot spreads

  1. Life force
  2. Thoughts
  3. Emotions
  4. Spiritual facts
  5. Physical aspects
  6. Opposing forces
  7. Energies
  8. The outcome of questions



2.Astrological spread:

Individual cards represent traits of horoscopes. This spread let us know about strength and weaknesses of single astrological houses. tarot spreads

  1. Aries: current mood
  2. Taurus: financial details
  3. Gemini: communication and traveling
  4. Cancer: home, family and children
  5. Leo: pleasures
  6. Virgo: health
  7. Libra: relationship and marriage
  8. Scorpio: death and inheritance
  9. Sagittarius: education and dreams
  10. Capricorn: career
  11. Aquarius: friendship
  12. Pieces: burden

3.Birthday Spread:

This spread helps you achieve your ambition before your next birthday. tarot spreads

  1. Current place in world
  2. Goals for next birthday
  3. Empowerment (what gives you power)
  4. Developing power
  5. Well-being over all
  6. Emotional state
  7. Present Spiritual state
  8. Oppositions
  9. Will to achieve goal and steps for moving towards your goal

4.Tree of life:

A thorough method in which you can explore life. It deals with physical abilities and paths as well. Various cards represent: tarot spread

  1. Ideals
  2. Creativity
  3. Wisdom
  4. Virtues
  5. Force to drive you
  6. Health and beauty
  7. Lovers and lustful nature
  8. Procreator
  9. Imagination
  10. Physical self

5.Mandala Spread:

Mandala spread discovers your spiritual side. You can explore your spiritual self, it represents:tarot spreads

  1. Self
  2. Ambition
  3. Ideals and goals
  4. Accomplishment in life
  5. Addictions

6.Star Guide Spread:

Specific questions are dealt within this spread.

  1. Present situation
  2. Conflicts and obstacles
  3. Strength
  4. Other challenges
  5. Final outcome






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7.The Decision Spread:

A person who has to make decisions in his or her life, the decision spread is the solution. The formation of cards does not matter as long as the cards give the answer to your entire question. The questions can vary from, should I make this decision? Now or later? When is the right time? or anything. This spread will help you out.

The above were the best and effective ways to read tarot spreads. It is a fun guide which knows most of the complicated answers of your life.  The articles give out the famous layout and spreads of cards and what they have in them for you.

Let us know if you find this article interesting and helpful for most of the queries you have about tarot spreads.

If you know other cards which reveals information not mentioned above, kindly comment down and fill us in.



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