A Cat Bed For Every Cat

As lovers of cats that we are, we know that cats love to sleep. Cats sleep up to 18 hours a day and can find a place to sleep in almost any room. Some cats enjoy snuggling in the bathroom sink.

Our family cats often sleep on our furniture and on our beds and leave behind the history of cat hair. How many times have we said, while trying to remove the cat hair from our furniture, “if we had a cat bed in which she wanted to sleep”! The good news is that there are many cat beds to choose from that will be exactly what you and your kitten are looking for.

You should take the time to evaluate your cat’s sleeping habits. Do you like to cuddle or stretch? Do you like to look outside? Do you like to curl up under blankets, clothes or in a box or sack? Do you have arthritis and need more support? Is she just an external cat? Fortunately, there are cat beds to meet your needs and desires.

A Cat Bed For Every Cat

Cats often like to sleep curled up and can find comfort in round beds. These beds have different sized heights of walls around the bed ranging from approximately 2 “to 4”, and some have a tapered front for easy access. Usually, they are 16 “-18” in diameter. They can snuggle in and sleep for hours. This style of cat bed is made of polyester foam and will have a removable cover for washing. Some circular beds also have hoods for a longer snuggling time.

If your cat likes to support her head while she sleeps, the beds with sides or cushions could be the right bed for her. These beds have many designs ranging from looking like a sofa to a cat bed with a 3-sided pillow.

For cats that like to stretch, a nice rectangular pillow-style bed or platform would be the perfect bed for her. They come in various sizes and fabrics. These beds can be filled with spongy fiber like a pillow or orthopedic foam. Some styles can be thrown directly into the washing machine, and some have removable covers that can be washed.

Some domestic cats love to look outside and sit in the sun when the sun comes in through the window. For these little darling kittens, there are beds that are attached to the window sill to give your kitten a hanger and sun. These beds with window sills come in several designs; only one platform, platform with reinforcements, platforms with hoods and / or heating elements. I know a cat that has a bed with a window sill, and this is his favorite place to be.

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If your cat just wants to be near you and on your furniture or bed, a shot may be the right choice. These shots are excellent furniture covers and help eliminate cat hair from furniture. Many cats also like to curl up in a blanket, under their clothes, or simply wrap themselves in a shot. Some launches also have heating elements to keep your little cat nice, cozy and comfortable.

Some cat beds are designed to look like furniture like a sofa or chair. Some are elevated on short legs like a glamorous crib. You have to decide how you want the cat’s bed to fit your decoration.

A Cat Bed For Every Cat

If your cat is strictly an outdoor cat or likes to sleep in the garage, or if you are kind enough to provide heat to a couple of stray cats, you can make an easy and economical bed. I bought large clear plastic containers, removed the lids and flipped the container on its side. Then I put old towels and blankets inside the container to provide comfort. If you do not have old blankets, I bought a very cheap fleece blanket, cut it into three pieces, folded the blanket and placed it on the old towels. Cats have enjoyed this comfort for several years. In a larger container, after putting it on its side, I put a sweater container and placed the bedding in the sweater container. This container has short sides and is easy for the kitten. You can also snuggle inside the short container and be more protected from the wind. I put the containers in a place that will block them from wind and rain, as much as possible. I have a change of bedding that I use to be able to wash a game and still have a place to sleep.

There are also cat beds specially designed for the outdoors and heated. You should place them in an area to keep them away from the elements of the weather as well.

As I mentioned, several cat beds have heating elements to keep them warm. You can also buy separate heating elements and place them under the bedding so that your kitten does not sleep directly on the unit. Of course, any of these units can be turned off during the warm months.

Cat lovers know the independence of our adorable cats. They have a mind of their own, and they decide what they like. It is not easy to train a cat. Try to provide a place where you feel comfortable, and that will probably be close to where your time goes. A cat bed can create a place of comfort, safety and protection. Some beds have a pocket in which you can place catnip to encourage you to sleep in bed.

A good quality cat bed can last for years. Also check out some small dog beds because they may be the right size for your cat. Whichever design you choose, make sure the surface can be easily cleaned. Cleaning them will often eliminate bacteria, body odor and even flea larvae.

Your cat will love you for your new bed. Putting the bed in the room where they can be near you is what they really want. Enjoy your happy and happy cat.

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