Bedding Portion Guide
23rd Jan

Bedding Portion Guide

You expect your bed to be as clean as possible, without stains, dirt, oils or mites. At Cuddledown, we strive to offer our customers the most innovative bed protectors that not only protect bedding but also contribute to a comfortable and healthy sleep.

Washing the bed protectors on your machine is easy; Cleaning a stained mattress, a pillow or a feather mattress is not. Not only is spot cleaning ineffective for large or penetrating stains, it is never a good idea to soak it since it requires considerable time to air dry. If they do not dry completely, it will have odors, humidity and possibly mildew, and they can all shorten the life of your mattress or bedding. Washing will also decrease the effectiveness of the waterproof fabric. Here are some tips to help you protect your mattress and bedding and prolong the life of your favorite investments in bedding.

PROTECT YOUR MATTRESS for Bedding Portion Guide

300 thread waterproof mattress

A waterproof mattress allows you to avoid all these inconveniences and keeps your mattress clean and fresh for years of use. And the good news is that the humble waterproof pad has witnessed great advances: the days of hot, heavy and noisy rubber pads have passed. The current moisture-proof protectors are thin, breathable and do not “crack” with each movement.

And even better, some pads and protectors have the added benefit of protection against allergens and irritants, so you could even sleep healthier.

PROTECT YOUR PILLOWS for Bedding Portion Guide

Whether it’s new or an old favorite, your pillows also deserve extra protection. Pillow protectors, available in many styles and fabrics, keep your pillow fresh and clean. From basic to quilted, they help keep moisture and stains (from spills, sweat and even nighttime drool) on the pillow and padding. Washing not only reduces the uneven quality of a pillow, it can be a labor-intensive process; Simply washing a pillow protector, on the other hand, is easy and saves time.


Many of our clients love to sleep in their home, but unless you plan on replacing it frequently, we suggest that you protect it proactively. As feather mattresses are almost impossible to wash in a washing machine and we do not recommend dry cleaning, feather protectors are indispensable. Like our other protectors, it prevents moisture, body oils and spills from damaging the appearance and performance of your feather mattress.

Bedding Portion Guide


Mite-proof bed protectors

House dust mite, or more specifically its highly allergenic fecal matter, is one of the most common causes of allergies. These microscopic relatives of spiders and ticks also contribute to other ills, such as eczema, hay fever, rhinitis, and sinusitis. As anyone with allergies or asthma knows, dust mites can make life miserable.

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Even if you have not been diagnosed with an allergy or asthma, you may get up with a stuffy nose, watery eyes or a headache in the morning. If this is the case, your discomforts could be your body’s reaction to irritant dust mites.

Dust mites can be easily removed in folds in mattresses and seams in box springs. But if the mattress and box spring are covered by a material that they can not penetrate, they have nowhere to live. Deprived of heat and humidity (the heat of our body and the perspiration we release while we sleep) and nutrition (the scales of the skin that we all shed naturally), a dust mite has no luck!

The plastic or vinyl covers (we have) are waterproof to dust mites and are a good choice for spring covers. Cuddledown also offers a soft mattress and for your mattress, pillow, comforter and feather mattress; all impermeable to dust mites. This special fabric has a pore size well below the industry’s allowed size of ten microns. The tight tissue of the fabric allows air to circulate but blocks dust mites and their molecules that cause allergens.

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