16th Jan

Why Do Bed Bugs Spread So Fast?

Bed bugs are a small insect that likes to feed the blood of humans and other mammals. Many live in people’s beds and that’s how they got their name. They are a small reddish insect that tends to bite only at night.

They cause rashes and allergic reactions at the site of the bite. They had almost disappeared in the early 1940s, but have since experienced a resurgence of ion activity since the mid-1990s. Scientists are not sure why they have returned at this time.

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They are more active at night, although they can do it at any time. Any skin that is exposed is a candidate to be bitten, and often the face, hands, and neck are spots that are often bitten. Common signs of being bitten include redness and swelling where you were fed several of these in a line on the skin.

Bugs in Bed

They spread by crawling and can infest sofas and beds, and wherever there are tissues so they can hide. They can infest several rooms, and even entire apartment buildings can become infested. Wherever they have a clear travel line, they can enter a home.

You may have signs of this when you see fecal matter in leaves, eggshells, and exoskeletons in the frame and in the cracks of the fabric. They can also go into the clothes of someone who has them in their house and pass them on to theirs. These can come from several sources and are difficult to eliminate due to resistance to pesticides.

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Used furniture and bedding are one of the main causes of bed bugs. Before using second-hand beds, always check them well for signs that they are present before you take them home. This is one of the ways to minimize the possibility of taking charge of your home.

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Bed Bugs

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